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Light switch Replacement 

London Chelsea, Clapham, Fulham and more...

light switch replacement   Is your switch not working? Or do you want to change it for a dimmer switch or for different reasons? The most important thing is to do it safely and that is why it is good to call for Handy4Home specialists. They will replace the light switch for you using their extensive knowledge, experience and care.

   Replacing light switches and electrical switches can be done at any time - you choose the exact time and let us know about it.

   The type of switch does not matter - we have provided repairs and fitting of many different types of both sockets and light switches for flats, houses, or companies. Most often our light switch service is provided within London boroughs like: Chelsea, Fulham, Tooting, Putney, Merton, Wimbledon, Clapham and many others.

   Handy4Home company offer you the most experienced and professional handymen who can perform various different jobs from those simplest ones and those more complicated. Having the years-long experience in changing and installing light switches for individual clients and also for companies we will do the job easily, effortlessly and following all the safety restrictions.


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