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Fixing leaking tap London

 Fulham, Chelsea, Putney and more...

fixing leaking tap   Is your tap dripping all night and is starting to annoy you. Most of the time it is just a tap washer or valve seal, but on some occasions the tap valve needs to be replaced. If your DIY skills are not good enough and you do not know how to fix a dripping tap - book our handyman to fix the leaking tap for you: in Chelsea, Fulham, Clapham and other borougs in London. 

   Repairing a leaking tap may seem an easy task, but it is often more complicated than you can imagine. For one thing a leaking tap can cause a considerable increase in your water bill and can damage the flooring and other surfaces.

   Our handyman specialist is always equipped with the complete set of tools that will allow him to do the job professionally. He will also quickly assess whether the leaking is the result of washers which have worn rubber or whether the cause of the problem lies in the gasket or seals.

   Handy4Home service company provide the best specialists to help you cope with leaking taps - we help clients most commonly within the following boroughs of London: Wimbledon, Balham, Fulham, Dulwich, Putney, Clapham and others. If you are not sure whether we serve your area - just call us:


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